From baby nursery to toddler room

Isn´t time flying like crazy when you have children??? I really do think so. When I look at my girl I still see this small baby girl but actually she is a big girl already and turned 2 already. When we got the message from our friends that they needed their baby bed back as they are expecting their 3rd child we had to make the choice to either get a new baby bed or already a junior one.


After looking through different furniture stores and talking to several sales ladies we made the decision to get a bigger bed already. We wanted one with draws underneath for storage reasons and were limited to 1,60m because of the length of the wall where it was meant to stand. That way we were really limited in choices but we found the perfect one.

The Danish brand “Sander´s” has really nice designs and you can even reconstruct some of their beds to high sleepers. They are not cheap but they are worth their price: The bed is made out of solid wood and it is really modern yet timeless. We went for the model called “Fanny” and a matching draw for underneath. The draw is big enough to put even an extra mattress in there when you have little guest over for the night. For now we use it as a storage space but who knows what will happen in a few years time. At the front we got a bed guard to prevent falling and to make it look more complete we also bought one for the back. Not necessary for protection but more for the looks of it. We ordered our bed at Engel & Bengel. The bed you can find here and the out fall prevention back and front here.


I was a bit afraid how it will work out when C has to go to bed and if she would keep on crawling out of her bed several times but from day 1 it was not problem whatsoever. Apart from a few times she stayed in there and kept on asking for us until we were there.

So we put this bed right where the old one was and placed a small table from Ikea next to it with a Vitra Panton Junior chair. All in white it fits perfectly with the rest of the room which we held in grey, white and pink. We loved how it looked like and only had to look for matching cushions to get more comfortable in there while reading bed time stories. Other than that I finally framed the fox poster and added a Miffy night lamp and now I still need to replace the dream catcher with some shelves in the shape of a house to finish the room off. The best thing: My crib bumpers which I especially made for C´s old bed fit perfectly into the new one.

I hope you like the way the room turned out and like to hear your thoughts.

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