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Ending one adventure, beginning a new one

*English/ German version below* Wow, more than 2 years that Pauline and I started the blog and did share our lives with you. We had such a great time together, we visited events, met up to take photos and simply loved to have a project together. But as life goes on, things are changing and… Continue reading Ending one adventure, beginning a new one

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Summer with kids: Sun blocker yes or no?

*English/ German version below* Summer is about to hit in and I cannot wait to be outside until late in the evenings, having BBQs and spending all day at the swimming pool. Summers are made to be outside but that also does mean that a children´s skin needs an extra protection in order to avoid… Continue reading Summer with kids: Sun blocker yes or no?

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Spring Kids Fashion

Bereits im Herbst und im Winter des letztens Jahres habe ich mich mit ein paar lieben Mama’s zusammen getan und euch unsere schönsten Jahreszeiten-Outfits präsentiert. In diesem Jahr möchte ich gerne damit fortfahren und zeige euch deshalb heute meine beiden liebsten Outfits für den Frühling. Für die Zeit zwischen Winter und Sommer liebe ich einfache… Continue reading Spring Kids Fashion

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Test review – the brand new baby carrier One Air from BabyBjörn

*English/ German version below* I know the brand BabyBjörn already since the pregnancy with my daughter about 3 years ago. Back at that time we had a bouncer and a carrier. We loved both a lot and were happy to have them as C wasn´t that happy to lay or sit somewhere on her own.… Continue reading Test review – the brand new baby carrier One Air from BabyBjörn


Catch of the month January

english/ german version below Maternityfashion. Leggings for pregnant woman, trousers with extra fuel for the babybelly, larger clothes. No matter how, every woman who gets pregnant gets around these stuff. But what do you do with it when the little miracle is there? Sell? Clothington? Make something new from your old clothes How do you… Continue reading Catch of the month January

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Brand to know: By Pinja – Jewelry for mommy & daughter

*English/ German version below* When I gave birth to my daughter about 3 years ago I got a really cool present which I didn´t know up to then: A nursing necklace. I thought that it was a really nice idea as it has quite some advantages for mommy and their babies. Everyone who had a… Continue reading Brand to know: By Pinja – Jewelry for mommy & daughter

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Kindoo – Kinderkleidung mieten

Heute möchte ich euch etwas Besonderes vorstellen. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass viele von euch schon kennen. Für die, die es noch nicht kennen, man kann auf ganz einfach, mit wenigen Klicks Baby-, Kinderkleidung und Zubehör die Kleinsten mieten und wenn einem die Sachen zu gut gefallen, sogar kaufen. Günstiger geht’s nicht – mit dem… Continue reading Kindoo – Kinderkleidung mieten