Tips for potty training {plus my personal insider tip}

One of the big steps from a little toddler to becoming a “big girl” is for sure the potty training. My mom still told me a few years ago that with 2 years all of us children were clean and didn´t need any diapers anymore. But honestly that is still the “old” thinking. Nowadays they tell you that every child has got its own rhythm and most probably they will show you when the time has come.

I have to admit that both, my husband and me, were surprised how quick and easy C made it through this potty training. After actually one weekend we were able to leave the house and go shopping without any accidents. They actually happened either at home or at the creche.

Further down I noted some of my top tips down for you but first I want to tell you how we started. When C was about 1 year old I bought a potty for at home and explained to her what this was meant for. From time to time I just sat her down on it without expecting anything. What worked out pretty well was putting her on it straight after waking her up in the morning, when the bladder was still full. So after a while she really started peeing in there. We had weeks where she didn´t want to sit on it and weeks where she wanted to but we never ever did put pressure on her.

When C was then a little bit older than 1,5 years she suddenly started telling me when she had to make a pooh. That way we had the chance to sit her on a potty or kids toilet seat and she made it into it. Back then I still realized that it was far to early to get her clean (and admittedly diapers are also kind of easy when you are going somewhere). From that on she started more and more telling when C had to pee or pooh so when she was 2 years and about 4 months I thought I will simply try to get her clean.

First I bought some underpants with a cute prints like Minnie Mouse, cupcakes, cats or butterflies which she loved at that time. When she saw them she straight away wanted to put them on and explained to her that they are supposed to be worn without diapers and she was totally fine with it. As we were home at that weekend and it was in summer time it was really easy for us. We had a potty standing around in our apartment and we told her several times that she is not wearing diapers anymore and she needs to tell us when she needs the toilet/pot. And apart from a few accidents it just went perfect. The weekend after we even went into the city center where she tole me she needs to go for a pee or she asked me if she was wearing diapers.

Of course I always have enough changing clothes, baby wipes and a spare diaper with me just in case. When we are going somewhere longer by car, public transport or where I simply know it could be a problem to find a toilet I simply put her into diapers. But then she knows and pees into them. And of course during the night we are not clean by a long time but that is totally fine. We will simply wait until she wakes up in the morning and her diapers are totally dry for a certain amount of nights.

My potty training tips

  • Start quite early with having a potty and sit them from time to time. (best time after waking up)
  • Don´t push them, wait until they start giving you signs and hints.
  • Wearing diapers during nights naps until they are dry when they wake up.
  • To start take at least 3-4 days in a row where you are mostly at home.
  • buy underwear with e.g. Minnie mouse which they like
  • NEVER be angry if there happens an accident; Better: applaud for success.
  • Take a carry able potty, baby  and enough clothes to change with you.
  • For more security for yourself have always at least 1 diaper with you.
  • Buy diapers which look like panties to trick them.
  • Start in summer time: They can run around naked and not much to take of or change
  • Always react when they tell you they have to pee even if sometimes nothing is happening. They also need to get a feeling for when it is about time to go to the toilette.

After we already started I found by accident a carry able potty “My Carry Potty” in a kids shop around the corner and I straight away took it with me. And this is for sure no collaboration, I am simply amazed about this pot as it looks like a little suitcase, is easy to carry, looks pretty cute and is leak-proof. See here for more designs and where to find them.

I know that we were pretty lucky with C that it went so well and so early but obviously some kids are quicker while others need and take their time. Most important thing is to give them time and never put them under pressure or even be angry with them. Children need to feel comfortable and maybe you are one of the lucky once where your child is telling you itself that it is ready and from now on doesn´t want to wear diapers anymore (like my colleagues´daughter.

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