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Designed to make a difference – Moomu changing mat

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On a regular basis we show you our catch of the month here on our blog. This time I do have a really great one for you: the changing mat from MOOMU. You might think, a changing mat? Yes, and it is a really pretty one as well.

When our children were born, we did not get a diaper changing table or mat and never really missed it. One main reason not to buy one was the fact that you so often hear of children falling off the changing table. I actually do have a friend who´s son fell off and ended up with serious injuries. The Moomu changing mat’s design can help to avoid these kind of accidents and that is why you should take a closer look.

Who is MOOMU

MOOMU is a Dutch brand and was recently founded by Nikita and Ralph. Their mission is to develop baby essentials by combining safety and design. As parents of soon 3 kids they know what it means to have a child and figured out that a changing mat is part of a parent´s life for a long amount of time so they decided to develop one themselves. It is not only good to use but also an absolute eye catcher.

The changing mat

First of all, the design is unique and really pretty with its contemporary look and materials. The edges on the side are higher and that way it is more unlikely that the baby can roll off that easily (this does not mean that you should leave your child lying on its own!) and at the same time it feels more cocooned as if in its mummy´s belly. The sloping middle part helps to reduce reflux (which both my kids have a lot) and it encourages eye contact with your baby.

The main material is very soft, comfortable and 100% non-toxic which are important facts when it is for your baby. Other than that this changing mat is water resistant and easy to clean. To make it a bit more cozy you can get a complete cover or smaller covers for the middle part only. These come in several colors. The MOOMU ECO-covers are made of 70% Bamboo and 30% organic cotton muslin. The inserts are made of 100% organic cotton. All materials are healthy for your baby and for mother earth.

Designed to make a difference.

The MOOMU changing mat is bringing safety and comfort together and has been developed with the help of nurses, nannies and other professionals that are spending loads of time with children. All in all I have to say I do love the look and feel of the MOOMU changing mat and it is a real must have for every parent that has a sense for design and pretty things. Now that I have a changing mat, I would not want to miss it anymore.

If you want to get yours or get more information, hop over to

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