Update and a baby belly shooting

It has been 3 months since I wrote on our blog. I needed some time to deal with the loss of one of the dearest persons in my life. Although it has been a few months, I’m not ready yet to be full active on our blog again.

As you guys know I announced that I’m expecting our second child in January. So far everything is going well. Even with the normal pregnancy side effects like tiredness, visiting the toilet way to often, being frustrated that I have to leave sushi for what it is…

Little O turned 16 months two weeks ago and since he started walking he has been a world explorer more than ever. He doesn’t truly realize that he is about to become a big brother. Nevertheless when I ask him “Were is the baby?”, he points at my belly.

Speaking of the baby belly, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to do a photoshoot with Julia.
Julia is a professional photographer specialized in kids, baby belly and newborn photography. I totally fell for her natural, easy-going style.
It was a very fun shooting on a chilly Sunday morning. It felt so good to have some quality-belly time because in the hectic of daily life this is missing very often. At the time of the shooting I was 22 weeks pregnant, just over the middle. Funny fact, I’ve found back a picture from the time I was 22 weeks pregnant of little O.
Enjoy some of the pictures Julia took and for which I’m very grateful to have such  beautiful memories for later.

20170902_235959_736634_Babybauch_Pauline__3_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736643_Babybauch_Pauline__5_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736726_Babybauch_Pauline__17_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736728_Babybauch_Pauline__18_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736730_Babybauch_Pauline__19_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736735_Babybauch_Pauline__21_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736752_Babybauch_Pauline__26_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736772_Babybauch_Pauline__28_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736779_Babybauch_Pauline__29_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736799_Babybauch_Pauline__35_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736811_Babybauch_Pauline__40_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736832_Babybauch_Pauline__52_von_64_ copy20170902_235959_736842_Babybauch_Pauline__57_von_64_ copy

© Photo credits Julia Löffler Fotografie


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