5 years married to my best friend & love of my life

Since I was a small girl I dreamed about marrying the perfect man and spend my life happily together with him. So when Jochen and I got engaged I was more than happy to start with planning our wedding for the 1. September 2012. As we wanted to become wife and husband in Belgium it was not too easy to organize everything but thanks to Google and my mother in law we managed everything very well. We found the perfect location “La Butte aux Bois” with a beautiful church close by and the amazing photographers Hermine and Ramon from Mon et Mine. The most challenging thing was to organize the civil and church wedding as we wanted both at the same day and make sure that there is enough time in between to change location and outfit.

Whereas my civil wedding dress was a simple creamy whit dress with a one shoulder strap, I knew already for a while that I wanted a simple lace dress without too many squiggles and with it a bouquet made of off-white roses. The peduncles had lace from my dress around, rounded off with a butterfly brioche I got once from my mum. As a contrast to the all in creamy white I choose some dusky pink colored open toes from Valentino. I loved that huge bow and I made it to a tradition wearing them every year for our wedding anniversary when we go out for dinner. I even got the matching clutch to make my outfits perfectly. The decoration at the church and the venue we kept quite simple as the places itself were already more than decorative itself. I made some bows for the benches of the church myself and for the dinner we had some chandeliers with a small flower arrangement. As it was all organized from distance I was unfortunately not able to do as much DIY as I wanted to but at least the name tags on the tables were done by me.

Usually the weather in Germany is slightly better than in Belgium but on 1st of September 2012 it was the other way round. When we arrived a few days before the big day to organize the last bits it was stormy and pouring like crazy but when I opened the curtains in the morning of our day the sun was shining and no single cloud to see in the sky. So first thing in the morning was to go to the hairdresser and getting my make-up done with my maid of honor and getting ready for the first part of the day, the civil wedding. When I met Jochen in front of the venue I was so excited, I think it was even the most exciting part of the day.

The civil part we had before lunchtime and only with the closest family in a small, modern and beautiful town hall in the village where my parents in law lived that time. Afterwards went to their home for a little lunch in between and from there I head over again to the hairdresser to get a new hairdo that fitted my long lace wedding dress. After getting hair and make-up freshend up it was time to get changed. My sister and best friend helped me to get the buttons closed and the veil placed. While I was getting ready my husband and his best men took the time to relay and used the time to get the Rolls Royce, our wedding car, cleaned.

My Dad picked me and the girls up and brought us to church were all of the 150 guests were waiting for me to come what me make kind of nervous but once I was in the church I calmed down and really enjoyed the mess which was done by Jochen´s uncle who is a priest, living in Venezuela. Our siblings helped to make it a special one so that I almost started crying several times.

After the official part we started with the reception back at “La Butte aux Bois” and as the weather was perfect we drank the Chamagner outside. Both, reception and official dinner, were taking place there and it was simply the perfect location. Our guests didn´t even miss us when we went away for 1 hour to get our wedding pictures done. Afterwards we started the dinner with great music from our live band, followed by the opening dance, a wonderful speech from my husband (were the even the taxi driver were keep on talking about the fact they heard a wonderful speech happening) and cutting the cake. Live music and party was allowed until 3am and as most of the guests weren´t prepared yet to leave already the venue opened the bar for us until at 5am we finally decided to got to bed for a few hours of sleep. Most of our guests were staying at the venue itself or in a hotel close by and our beforehand organized taxi service made it very easy for guests to arrive home.

I heard many couples saying that they were not able to enjoy their wedding day but we definitely can say that we did. We had great food, amazing weather and most important, great guests that helped to make this day our day and we love thinking back to it. Straight after the wedding we started our honey moon trip to the Maldives that made our time perfect. If you want to see some more photos look on the website of Mon et Mine (here), Wedspiration (here) and my last year´s blog post with different photos (here).

-photo credits Mon et Mine


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