Some of my favorite pieces to wear during summer pregnancy

When I was pregnant 3 years ago with our daughter I only bought real maternity clothes which were especially made for having a baby bump. But already back then I found it hard to find really stylish and same time comfortable clothes. I ended up with some things from H&M. The problem with those clothes is that the first half of the pregnancy they look kind of wired as the belly still needs to grow into it and afterwards you cannot wear them anymore as they are obviously far too big. And most of the styles don´t look modern enough in my eyes.

So this time I didn´t want to spend too much money anymore on real maternity clothes but more on pieces that I might be able to wear afterwards again. There are a few pieces that do make sense to buy in maternity shops like some pair of jeans or more towards the end pretty dresses. I found my 2 favorite jeans at H&M, they are really in fashion and good quality for little money. Maternity dresses instead I love to buy at Asos – they have in my eyes the most beautiful ones. In both shops I found each a blouse (in off-white and dusty rose) which are made for baby bumps but are still wearable afterwards. Especially with a after baby body or while breast feeding.

As it was summer it was the perfect season to invest in some pieces which have a wider cut and even more important: An elastic waistband. So I found some really nice shorts and fabric trousers which were great for warm summer days. For on top I loved this year´s trend of satin tops with A-line cut and even more pretty lace details. Most of the pieces, both tops and trousers, I bought a size bigger what I would normally war. But I am sure that they will still look good once I am back to my normal weight.

Other than those pieces to round my looks off I bought several light jackets. They are also perfect in combination with some longer basic t-shirts or tank tops. A few oversize pullovers  are good for baby bellies, breast feeding and to look stylish with your bump. Those I wore on top of the summer tops on days which weren´t as warm. And again they will look perfect next summer when I go for some walks with our baby boy in the pram.

Last but not least I found some more dresses on our vacation in Portugal in spring and again on Asos. Everything with a wider cut is perfect for a stylish bump. Shoes I didn´t have to buy any as this season was perfect for sandals and sneakers. And if you would ask my husband he might tell you that I had already enough in my cupboard. So no need to get new ones.

For brand details move mouse across the photos.
Links to brand websites: H&M, Promod, Colloseum, Pimkie, Asos, Zara, Pepe Jeans


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