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Pregnancy – No. 1 and 2

Same same but different – my first pregnancy mainly based on eating, sleeping and preparing everything for our new home. But let’s start from the very beginning…

In september 2013 my husband asked me to become his wife, I said YES and so we decided to get married in august 2014. Three month before our wedding we decided to try to get pregnant, we thought it would take more time… but no, I got pregnant and at our weddingday I was in the third month. My pregnancy was beautiful, I loved to be pregnant and carry this little wonder inside my belly. There were only a few things not nice like the acid reflux and sciatica the whole time. I gained a lot of weight, because I thought “yeah!” you are pregnant and now you can eat everything, no good idea. I drank liters of milk and ate almost everything, except garlic. Sofia arrives a week before due and the birth was quick and “easy”. I wish I had made more photos like in my second pregnancy but we moved and I changed my job and there was not so much time for that…

Now I’m 39 weeks pregnant with baby number two and a lot of things are similar like the acid reflux and the sciatica, but I have no time to rest and sleep that lot like I did at pregnancy number one because there is this little lady, who wants all my attention and my man and a home… As well I gained not that much weight like in the first pregnancy, this time I take more care of this. I took a lot of photos to record this second and last pregnancy and to make it complete I used the milestonecards from Herznest. // With the code “cutiepie15” you can get 15% off everything at her Shop!

I’m so much more excited when and how our second baby arrives, my due is 27.8., only a few days to go… Please keep your fingers crossed!




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