Guest post: Birth report from the day my daughter was born

Today we have a guest post for you. It is from Caro @elvis.baginsky and she is sharing her birth story with us. Isn´t it always amazing to hear how other women gave birth? I think so:

I am a mom, better said a “new mom”, because my daughter was born only about 14 weeks ago. Natural, peaceful and self-determined.

For sure you will know that as a pregnant women you hear advises and instructions from every single person (and it doesn´t stop once you are a mom) – if you then start working your way through all the well known social media channels you get to hear one negative article and painful birth report after the other and loads of posts full with questions filled with fear. But where are the ones that give you hope and where are all the moms which delivered without any problems and give you some motivation? Not a single one. A natural, fearless delivery seemed to be a mystery.

Throughout my whole pregnancy was feeling a non explainable peace deep inside which is unusual for me as I am normally really impatient and hectic. I had a huge feeling of trust towards my daughter and myself. I knew exactly that Charlotte would know when and how she is finding her way to us and I only had to listen to my inner feeling. This self-confidence gave me a huge peace and gave me strength to go positive into what was about to come.

It was the 21st of April 2017. I was already 12 days beyond due date and I got once again checked at the hospital. The doctor gave the second some medicine to me. Actually I didn´t have any opinion about it, I somehow hoped for it to help as I was really curious to meet my girl.

At home I laid myself down for a afternoon nap but it didn´t work as I had painless contractions for hours. I thought those putative contractions were Braxton Hicks contractions and that Charlotte would once again only pretend to come. While Mister T and I had late dinner I had to ask him to hurry up. Reason: The painless Braxton Hicks contractions became more regularly and stronger.

So Mister T and I walked to the hospital which was about 1,5 km away. They  made a CTG and checked the cervix – it was already open by 3cm. “Woohoo, it finally started!” I walked back home in order to get my hospital bag but this time I had to take some breaks in between. In the meanwhile my best friend who is also Charlotte´s godmother, had arrived to join me to the delivery room. The contractions had finally noticeably arrived but they were still relatively easy to handle. In my mind they were supposed to be much more painful – most probably every person has a different pain level but for me it felt like cramps that put pressure downwards. Simply an unusual new feeling.

Back at the hospital I was guided into a room next to the delivery room and again they did a CTG and checked the cervix. “WHAAAT, only 1 cm further?????” The cervix was only open by 4 cm after 1,5 hours. It was 1am and Mister T was reading to me out of my crime novel, a WhatsApp live connection was set to my closest friend and Lisbeth, my best friend, was helping me out with whatever I needed.

Between 1 and 3am a lot was happening which is hard  to get into right order afterwards. My teeth were chattering, my legs shaking, my arms shivering. Muscle contractions in every part – but they were good to handle. They gave me Buscopan suppositories and put me into a bathtub against the pain. It was so uncomfortable that I had to get out again after 30 minutes. Breathing away the contractions away was almost not doable. When I looked into the water I saw clots of blood. After some short hesitating I knew: “It is getting started soon.” They brought us to the delivery room and I was laying down on a bed. The cervix was completely open after taking the bath. The contractions were like a hard pressure downwards, cramps in my belly which I cannot really describe, an inner contraction and pain in my pelvic bones. I sat myself down, was hanging in the ropes, supporting myself and I tried several other positions. The movement felt pretty good and I had the feeling to do some really good things for myself and the delivery.

Finally I decided to lay on my side. On the one side of my bed was Mister T, who helped me in a wonderful way and he reminded me regularly to breath. On the other side was Lisbeth, massaging my back and giving me strength. The contractions were now so hard that my body was bending and the air was getting pushed out of my lungs already automatically with an “UUUUUH”. Finally I was able to try laughing gas. I wasn´t able to control my body anymore but at least the laughing gas I could. I was feeling slightly drunk – a good feeling. The contractions felt immediately a lot better. The only really strange feeling of contractions is the pressure on parts of the body were you normally don´t have any – pelvis and rump. They are really wired bone pains. In the middle of a contraction I was shouting: “WATER!” and Mister T was looking at me a bit puzzled and gave a glass of water to me. But actually it was my hint that my water was broken.

The water broke at 03:04 am and the bearing down pain started. I was breathing in laughing gas within every contraction, was vomiting onto Mister T´s arm who supported me and I was moving from one side to the other. Finally there were 2 midwives and a doctor beside my bed that supported me in the last phase.

I was laying on the left side with my right leg leaning against the doctor and with my hands holding on the arm of Lisbeth. Mister T was standing behind me. The pressure onto my pelvis and rump got immensely hard that I thought it would explode. And plop: Here was the head, I saw it between my legs. Only one more contraction and our little Charlotte was born at 04:27 am.

Straight after they put Charlotte down on my chest Mister T was allowed to cut the umbilical cord. We scanned our girl accurately. During this unbelievable feeling they told me that my placenta is not coming off completely and they will give me Oxytocin and shortly after the placenta was born as well. Apart from loosing some blood and blood pressure problems I had to get some stitches. I had a few small chaps in vagina and lips of the vulva which I didn´t really feel. The stitches itself I felt for sure but I was completely focused on my girl.

We were still laying for a few hours together in the delivery room. Then they brought Charlotte and me with a wheelchair to the postpartum rooms so that we were able to rest.

I would describe my birth as a walk in the park, simple peaceful and autonomous. Everything I had in my mind beforehand I was able to do to decide for my best option. But I also had really good support from my beloved ones. Midwife, midwife to be and doctor, all of them were really open minded with help and tips. Maybe it was only luck as it seemed to be a really calm night without too many births. But what made it for me so easy was definitely the trust I had in me and my daughter. And that is why I experienced it as the birth of my dreams.


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