Scandinavian DIY decoration with wooden pearls

I am a total do it yourself lover and I am always looking out for new inspiration what I could do next. Recently I discovered my love for natural wooden material which are simply beautiful how nature made them. Today I want to show you a really easy tutorial for a little Scandinavian touch in your home.

All you need

  • Wooden pearls in different diameters (I used 12mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm)
  • Leather band in natural or white color

First I put the wooden pearls in one row and tried different versions to see which order I like most. To show you some possibilities I did here 2 different strings. I like it most when the sizes are getting from smallest to biggest size and back to the smallest again. But obviously you can try and do any other order you like. In the second one I put a small pearl in between of every pearl and actually I cannot say which is my favorite.

I could also imagine black or/ and white pearls instead of the wooden natural color but that is only one more option how to vary. In order to give you some inspiration I show you here a view ideas how to combine the pearl strings. I think I might leave them with my balcony table decoration. Pineapples, candles, roses and natural wood – I love it!


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