Test report: Saal Digital wall picture

As a mom you take thousands of photos of your children and as a blogger anyway of many other things. On top of that we had another bunch of pictures taken at several professional family photo shoots we have done. Unfortunately we don´t have enough space in our home to hang all of them. That is the reason why it does takes us ages to find the right one to get printed.

We have a 3 wedding photos hanging in our bedroom above the bed and one in the kitchen of C when she was about 7 months old but that is actually it. Ok, I am good in doing photos albums but isn´t it a shame that you are not able to see them more? So I was really happy when I got the chance to test the wall pictures of Saal Digital. They gave me a voucher code and I was able to choose size and kind of print myself. In the end I went for the size 30×45 cm on Gallery Print. To hang at the wall I chose the standard hanger system (you can choose out of 2 different ones). As a photo itself we chose one from the shooting with Sevi Koch last year November. It is already more than half a year ago but we loved that special one. Simply caught the moment while C was looking at her dress.

We went for the Gallery Print as it is the same way as the photo hanging in our kitchen. Gallery Print means the photo is directly printed on to 2 mm thick acrylic glass with 3mm aluminum Dibond to strengthen the whole wall print. You can choose between matte or high gloss where we took the second version. Size wise you have the choice between many standard sizes but you have the chance to get any other size you want. The quality is more than perfect and we are totally in love with this item. All in all our print is worth about 57 Euros and in my opinion a decent price. So it won´t be the last order we did at Saal Digital. Now my lovely husband only needs to hang it to the wall and we can admire our little lady.


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