Kids brand to know – Tinyppl London

It has been a while since our last “Kids brand to know” post. As the last one was about kids clothes (see here) this one is about children nursery. I got contacted through Lu from Tinyppl London on Instagram and I was straight away in love with her designs.

Tinyppl is a small Etsy shop owned by Lu. She is mum of a 2 year old girl called Lara, so the same age as my daughter. After working for a long time in the creative industry as a Creative Director in London she decided to go for her own way. The main reason to do so and starting Tinyppl was to spend more quality time with her daughter and being more flexible.

Beginning of September the main launch will happen when she launches her homeware collection for children. This collection will include bedding, cushions, knitted blankets and play mats. What Lu is very proud of is the fact of being able to source 100% organic fabrics and work with small suppliers, other mums and family businesses.

In our home

I am totally in love with the prints which she designs and prints all by herself (You can have them in A3 or A4 and she can literally customize all of them for you). I especially like the black and white prints but in our Nursery we have a lot of grey so she was happy enough to do the prints in grey and white for me. “Twinkle twinkle little star” and “love kindness” straight away caught my eye. For now I will hang one of those above C´s bed but once we start preparing our new little baby´s sleeping corner I might put them both above the baby bed (or even order new ones). But In my opinion they are not only looking good in the nursery but also in the living room or kitchen.

Talking about customizing already before, you shouldn´t miss out on the lovely birth posters where you can add name, date, weight, height and other details of your little ones. And don’t forget to choose the matching color for your nursery! They are also a great gift it is for a birthday, birth or maybe Christmas! I might even look out for Pauline´s little boy O.

My other shop favorites

As you can see above I put some of my shop favorites here in the blog post but there is much more to find on the Etsy shop at
I personally cannot wait to finally see the home ware launch in September… I am sure it will be more than pretty.

-photo credits My Cutie Pie, Tinyppl


2 thoughts on “Kids brand to know – Tinyppl London

  1. Thank you so much for a lovely post! We are also very excited about our homeware launch and will make sure to keep you in the loop! Lu Xxx


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