Motherhood thoughts: 12 months


Last week my little boy turned one. At once he isn’t that little anymore. I’m making a photo album about his first year at the moment and it is just crazy to see what all happened in one year. Also when I reread the other “Motherhood thoughts” I wrote, it hits me that this last year was amazing and I so look forward to more amazing things this second year.

The moment I enjoy the most is when I pick little O up from daycare. He puts on his biggest smile when he sees me and crawls as fast as he can my way. This gives me so much joy and makes me realize how much I missed him during the day.

The thing I love the most is how he develops more and more into a toddler. The way he plays with his toys, how he tries to eat with a spoon himself, how he babbles more and more, his attempts to stand on his own without furniture support … One thing is for sure he is not a little baby anymore.

What bothers me the most is that in the future I will be spending less time with him. I know I was very spoiled that I could stay home with him a whole year. That’s why it will be hard for me going back to work in two weeks. On the other hand we will probably cherish our time together more than ever.

What surprised me the most is that after one year with a child I don’t miss my old life. A lot of friends of mine don’t have children and I often get confronted with how life without children was: you don’t have to leave party’s earlier because your “alarm” goes of the next morning at 6:30, spontaneous night outs aren’t depending on the babysitter… It really doesn’t bother me at all.

What I have learned is to value pictures more. Maybe it is because I’m working on his photo album but I realized that pictures make it much easier to remember things.

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