Pink baby shower cake with sprinkles

Cakes, cakes, cakes… for any occasion we bake and eat cakes and I admit there are worse things in life for me. As I tried myself in several cakes before I was pretty happy when my sister asked me to do one for the baby shower of one of her best friends. I sent her several photos of examples and in the end we decided for a cake with buttercream completely covered in pink sprinkles. You can guess what the gender of the baby is…

The inside where made out of 3 layers of my favorite basic cake (see recipe here) in ombré colors. Unfortunately I have now photo but the color range was vanilla, light pink and darker pink. In between I did put a yummy strawberry jam. Next step was to cover it all with buttercream (for details how to do that see my previous blog post here). Try to get the surface as smooth as possible but the good thing is that little bumps you won´t see afterwards as it is allover covered with the sprinkles.

Last step is getting the sprinkles (I used about 3 packages of these ones here) onto the cake. To be honest in the beginning I was struggling a little bit to find the right way for me to get them on. After watching several You-Tube videos I decided to get them simply on by hand like seen here. Other than in the video you need to cover the cake completely in order to get the result as seen in my photos. Last but not least to finish the cake off I added a satin band at the bottom and two pennant chains on the top with the text: IT IS A GIRL (see the DIY tutorial for the cake topper here) As my sister told me everybody loved the cake, so I couldn´t be more happy and still love how it turned out.


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