Exciting News: #BIGSISTER


Yes, I do have exciting news: We are really happy that C is becoming a big sister and I couldn´t wait longer to let you all know. We wanted to be sure to make it save through the first 12 weeks and then our families and close friends were of course the first ones to know. And finally I can tell you as well.

The timing couldn´t be more perfect for us as I had the positive test in my hands just around C´s 2nd birthday. That was our goal from the beginning and we are so happy that it worked out. We also tried to explain to C what will happen in about half a year but of course she doesn´t quite get yet what it means. But if we ask her, what is in mommy´s belly, her answer is: A baby. Her brother or sister will be due to beginning of November and we cannot wait to meet our new family member.

I will let you know soon more about the first trimester of my second pregnancy, so stay tuned… this post today was just to let you guys know.


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