My baby starts going to daycare!

IMG_6821 2

Last week my baby went to daycare for the very first time. When you have a child, time is passing at the speed of light. One of the intentions for me to start this blog was to have a diary for later. So I would like to talk with you about this little milestone in his and my life.

I am very aware that I’m so lucky that I had the possibility to stay home the first year of my sons life. And oh, I enjoyed it so much! But that doesn’t make it easier to leave your baby at the creche.
Without exaggerating, little O is doing really great. It’s more mummy who has a problem to kiss him goodbye every day. The last year I practically spent the whole day with him. It was so strange to leave him behind with strangers, so to speak.
Luckily for me the first two days we went there together for just a few hours to get to know everyone and to become familiar with the environment. Already at that time I could see that he had a great time. Playing with new toys, with other children and this in a new exciting setting… He was happy as hippo!

Since this week he spends the whole morning at daycare, he didn’t do his afternoon nap there yet but it will come soon.
And something quite remarkable happened: he turned into a super good eater. At home eating time is a bit of a challenge but at daycare he eats four plates in a row! It gives the childcare workers the impression little O didn’t eat for weeks.

After two weeks of bringing him to preschool I’m doing much better with leaving him behind with strangers since they don’t feel like strangers anymore. Of course it’s a huge relief to see that he is happy to go (and happy to be picked up) and that they do so many exciting things like for example painting his first Mother’s Day gift. I melted instantly!


IMG_6825 2
His first self made Mother’s Day gift

How did you feel by leaving your baby at daycare the first time? I’m curious to know if you experienced the same as I did!


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