A last minute Mother’s Day gift list


Only two days left and it’s mother’s day. I don’t know how it is with you but I’m quite a champion in last minute acting. I always manage to get myself stressed because I just didn’t handle things on time. Since it is hard to believe that I’m the only to deal with this situation, I figured out a list with last minute mother’s day gifts.

Breakfast (in bed): the most important and, let’s be honest, the most yummy meal of the day is in the morning. So why not make the very best out if it and treat your mom with a delicious breakfast. I’m thinking here about a fruit salad, pancakes, croissant, scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice…

Flowers are always a good idea. They provide an immediate joy and no women can resist flowers. When you aren’t able to give them yourself, there is nothing wrong with a delivery service. (I have good experiences with Fleurop, who deliver worldwide). If you like to extend the happy feeling and like to impress, you can think about giving her a bouquet every month and that for a whole year!

Why not bring your mom a visit with home made rhubarb pie. In the end mother’s day is all about thinking about your mom and to make time for her. What is more lovely than chatting and catching up while sharing a piece of cake.

If you are like me and you live too far away to bring your mom a visit, an old school phone call is the perfect alternative to thank your mom for being your mom!


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