Drip Cake Course in Munich

As you all might know by now I am a big fan of cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and more. And as much as I love eating them I like to bake them myself. After some other fondant covered (Miffy, Unicorn) or naked cakes it was about time to try a new version: A drip cake. I thought it would be a good chance to try one for my birthday. I didn´t really know how to do one but I thought it cannot be that hard. So I went through google for my research. Finally I ended up on the website of Dagi and as she was based in Munich I took the chance to attend a course straight away.

Three days after my birthday I was happily attending the course in Munich at the Burda bar. The good things was I didn´t have to bring anything apart from myself as the rest was prepared. Coffee, aperitif, lunch and drinks were provided. Therefore a price of 130 Euros was OK in my view.

After chatting a bit and introducing ourselves we started with layering the different cakes (they were provided from a bakery otherwise it would have been a far too long day) with lemon-curd which we watered before with a lemon water. Afterwards the cake got covered with buttercream in three steps with cooling in between in order to get the surface smooth. Last but not least the most important part of the cake: The dripping. In between we even made some meringues for the decoration of the cakes.

Dagi prepared most of the creams and decorations already beforehand but always showed us life how to prepare the different ingredients and gave us loads of tips how to do things better or different. We all got the chance to choose the colors of the cake ourselves. I have to say I am amazed how all those cakes turned out – one is more stunning than the other one. I went for a version with a light yellow buttercream and a dropping in the color of a peach. The decoration I kept in yellow, white and gold. As I think a very elegant mix. To loosen it a bit up I added some chocolate ticks with orange taste. See the one below on the right.

Dagi also has a beautiful blog myToertchen which is really worth a visit. She does really do beautiful cakes for weddings, different things for candy tables and cupcakes… Don´t miss to look on her blog. And for all of those who are thinking about attending a course in Munich, hurry up as she is about to move to Vienna soon and the course spaces will be even more limited as they already are. as she has to travel then every time back and forth.


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