My quick make-up routine

The people who know me well are aware that I’m not a morning person. I need at least thirty minutes and a coffee to be awake. Since little O is born, a lot has changed. The time in the morning has become even more limited and precious. Now it requires two coffees to get me active.
The first months after he was born, I didn’t take the effort to put make up on. I considered it a waste of time and make up. But this is actually a pity, you feel so much better by looking good. It’s a super boost for your self confidence.
So now, after my second coffee, I make the time to put make up on. This routine takes me less than 10 minutes. With little effort you look fresh-faced, awake and natural. 

1. The most important step is to clean and to moisturize your face. I’m using Bioderma Sebium H2O to clean and Hydraphase from La Roche Posay to moisturize

2. I apply Bobbi Brown foundation at the areas on my face I like to cover up (forehead, nose, chin) and add Bobbi Brown concealer underneath my eyes.

3. To let the eyes sparkle I put a subtile pink colored eyeshadow (Kiko pearly pink) on top of my eyelid.

4. Then I apply mascara on the upper and lower eye lashes and fill in my eyebrows with the Inglot eyebrow pencil.

5. I’m adding Chanel blush to my cheeks to give me a fresh and healthy look

6. To finish the look, I apply a lipstick that accentuate my natural lip color.


And voilà my day can begin!


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