Baby’s necessities list

I’m that kind of person that likes to have everything prepared. I feel myself at best when I have it all under control. When I was pregnant it wasn’t any different. I wanted to welcome this little bundle of love in the best circumstances.
So by asking friends and Google, I had a whole check list with things I “absolutely” needed for the baby. It was a huge list going from the amount of bodysuits until the kind of bathing accessories you should use. I was aware that there is a lot of marketing around this topic but hey as a mom-to-be you are sensitive for their tricks. After all, the best isn’t good enough for your baby.
Since my boy is born, I found out which products showed their true benefit to us. I would like to share with you my little list of things I would recommend every future mom.


1. The carrier
I couldn’t live without! The first half a year, like many newborns, little O enjoyed skin contact so much. He wanted to be constantly near me. So I carried him the whole time. Really, the whole time. Since I also had to do other things (think household) and because I’m not in the possession of strong muscular arms, the baby carrier was my welcoming savior. Little O was always so quiet and content in it. He could spent hours sleeping and relaxing against me while I had my two hands free and still had a look on my baby.

img_60142. A bib with a spill pocket
At the age of 5 months I started to introduce solid baby food to little O. The first moments you offer something different than milk to your baby are accompanied with funny faces and only little of the food is ending in their stomach. This is totally okay, but every time we were finished with a few spoons of carrots, everything was a mess. His face, clothes, hands, the chair, the bib… was covered with baby food. Every mom is familiar with the huge piles of laundry that come together, so everything what can reduce this accumulation is more than welcome. When I saw these soft reusable baby bibs, the only thing I could think of was “they are mine”. The deep spill pocket is so handy because everything which doesn’t end up in his mouth is nicely collected in this gutter.

img_60053. Sophie La Girafe
This baby toy we got as a present from my aunt. On the box it says that this little giraffe made out of natural rubber is a sensory development toy that stimulates each of the baby’s senses. While I was reading this I thought “yeah yeah, what they all putt in a product description in order to sell”. By now I must say it is the best toy ever! Even after a few weeks little O was grabbing and chewing on this giraffe. It is thé toy we take everywhere with us.

img_54604. Maternity pillow
While pregnant I bought myself a maternity pillow to have a more comfortable sleep. I got myself one in the traditional banana shape so I could also use it later as a nursing pillow. I have to admit that although it was my perfect companion during the night, I didn’t really use it while breastfeeding. But I did and do use it to strengthen back and neck muscles during tummy-time and to prevent my baby from falling over when he wants to sit.

img_60125. Baby monitor
You remember what I said in the beginning, that I like to have things under control? The video baby monitor fits perfectly in this idea. I must say that the main usage is to hear little O, but on the other hand it is comforting to watch him at the monitor. When he is making some noise we can see if it is because he is changing position or because he is waking up and we have to intervene.

I would like to know your list with baby necessities!


10 thoughts on “Baby’s necessities list

  1. I didn’t try the baby carrier thing until my last baby and I loved it. This time I invested in an Ergo so hopefully it is more comfy for me and I can’t wait to use it because the other one was a lifesaver when I needed to shop or do things around the house.


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