Catch of the month: January

Wow, can you believe that it is January already? Time really flies and even more with children. Now that winter has arrived the cozy time came with it. Means being at home with a nice warm cup of tea and playing with ma daughter. Therefore it is nice to have some really comfortable stay at home clothes. And they are even better when they are looking cute enough to quickly outside to the bakery.

This time I had a look at C&A as I wanted to see what they have for kids. And I have to admit they have really cute stuff for children. So I found that dark blue pullover (12 Euros) with some branches on it and with it the knitted leggings (9 Euros). Even though they are not sold as a set they look pretty cute together.

To stay warm with the cold outside your children of course need some long sleeved rompers for underneath. I found both for 3,50 Euros each and I couldn´t resist to take them along. Perfect for underneath or with the cute bear and sheep as a pajama with some comfy trousers.

Look online at or go directly into the store to get these items. And I haven´ told you yet that they have a huge Miffy/ Nijntje collection right now!! So don´t miss it out…


2 thoughts on “Catch of the month: January

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