DIY Christmas gift tags


I actually prefer summer over winter but what I really do love about winter season is Christmas. I love to celebrate together with my family and now with C even more. What I really do love the most about this festivity is to give presents away to the people I love. The smile on someone´s face when I chose the right gift does give me so much and makes my heart melt.

Another thing that I like about giving presents is to wrap them nicely. I go into shops to look for pretty wrapping papers and matching bows and of course some git tags. This year I thought I try to make them myself and when I got a copy of the book “Lettering” from ArsEdition I had to try it even more.

What I used

  • Cardboard in brown and white
  • Black, white and Bordeaux colored pens
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

First I got myself some inspiration in the book and tried some different lettering types and used the chance to try as well some tag designs. Once I did the samples I drew the different styles and designs on the brown and white paper with a pencil and cut them out. Then I decorated it with masking tapes and colored the pre drawn letters in with the black and red pen. With the white pen I set some accents for a bit of change in the color theme. Afterwards I punched a hole through the tags in order to put a matching ribbon through it. I really do like how easy they were to do and how pretty they look in the end.

Extra tip: Choose wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tag from same color familiy (here white brown, gold) that way it looks even more elegant. A real eye candy!


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