A book review:”Die kleine Hummel Bommel feiert Weihnachten”


As you could read in another post, my boy and I have a little bed time ritual wich includes a bed time story. So I was thinking that once a while I’ll write a book review about the book we are reading at the moment.
These days everything is about Christmas and Die kleine Hummel Bommel feiert Weihnachten (in English: Little bumblebee Bommel celebrates Christmas) also takes place in this jolly winter period.

The morning from christmas evening, little Bommel wakes up very early. He is so excited and he can not wait for the big celebration in the evening to begin. In the meantime he checks the other invitees to see if all the preparations have been made. Unfortunately he ascertains that nothing is turning out the way it should be. The christmas cookies are burned, they can not find a proper tree and there is no time to buy presents anymore.


I’ll leave it to you to find out how christmas evening turns out without christmas cookies, songs, presents, and a tree but I can already tell the story has an happy end.

The book is truly beautiful illustrated with large pictures in bright colours so that even little children enjoy it. At the last page you find the recipe for Marie Ladybugs famous christmas cookies. Of course we had to try them out!

On their website you find colouring pictures, songs and more information about the other books from die kleine Hummel Bommel.



2 thoughts on “A book review:”Die kleine Hummel Bommel feiert Weihnachten”

  1. This book looks super cute. I love that also includes a recipe at the end. It makes the reading more fun when kids can interact with the book and have a special gift at the end.


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