Guest post: 5 styled comfortable shoes

This month guest post is from Shoes with a view.  The girl behind this blog is Ela, living in Bukarest and a huge shoe lover. Aren’t secretly shoes for us women our other baby’s? Let’s talk about fashionable and comfortable shoes, a very interesting topic for us moms.

I love fashion, especially shoes, because they are giving me the opportunity to express myself.
Shoes and Accessories have what it takes to make the outfit, simply by changing shoes you can dress-up or dress-down with accessories complementing the final touches. Therefore, a good pairs of shoes is always a great investment!
This fall, I had the chance to attend Milan Fashion Week and get inspired right at the source of fashion. It seems that everybody embraced the comfort of flat shoes and only the elegant evening occasions brought the heels out of the closet.
Personally, I invest in versatile clothes, items and shoes that can be used to build multiple outfits. On the streets of Milan between shows I was fascinated by so many beautiful pairs.
Here are my favourite comfortable pairs:
1. Pointy flats that deliver style and comfort in one. Depending on the material, leather, velvet or animal print they can create a classy casual look, or dress down an elegant evening dress.
2. Oxford shoes are also in my top picks, it seems that mens style  has influenced us. After stealing the white shirts from their closet, womens shoe design is borrowing the shoe design from “his closet” too. If you want to make a statement choose a pair with a high sole.
3. High platforms are the perfect solution when you want to wear an elevated look but still have comfy shoes. I love the metallic ones. I see them with a white summer dress or with a pair of black, fine trousers and a nice top.
4. The slippers which seem to have been taken straight from the bedroom, they are the most comfortable footwear of the season. They were the ‘shoe’ of choice amongst many of the fashion weeks people and I was charmed by the furry, bordeaux pair in the photos.
5. The metallic flat sandals, a trend that is making its way to our closets. I like simple cut design, the glamour is assured by the color. For an extra chic option go for a copper or pink metallic.
It seems that when choosing shoes it is no longer a question of comfort vs. style. If you chose carefully, you can have the best of both worlds and have comfort and style.
Photo credits: Jeroen Paesen

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