Book review: “Die sture Raupe Rieke” written by Karoline Herfurth and Claas Engels

Five months ago I came into the new stage of life called motherhood. It’s an understatement to say that it’s quite overwhelming since it’s all very new to me.
We try to put structure and routine in our day since we are convinced this helps our little son a lot. One of the focus points is the bed time ritual. After feeding little O at 7pm we prepare him for the night by changing him and putting his pyjamas on. To create a more cosy atmosphere in his bedroom we close the curtains and turn a small nightlight on.
The next part of the routine is reading a bedtime story. As a kid I remember I was always looking forward to this moment. Off course, little O is still too small to remember such memories later in life, but I think it is a nice habit to get already started. On top of that it’s often said that reading and talking to your baby is good for his development. So why not read away?

Lately we have been reading “Die sture Raupe Rieke” (translated to english: “Rieke, the though Caterpillar”). The story is about a little caterpillar who isn’t hasty growing up. As a young caterpillar she is eating all day and is happy to fit through every hole she makes in the different fruits, cakes and sausages she comes across her way. Then she realises that once she will be a butterfly. She doesn’t feel ready for it and she wonders how other things in the world can stay so small.

This nice book about taking your time to grow up is fully illustrated with soft colours and is a pleasure to read. Although the recommendation says it’s for children from 4 years on, I believe it’s suitable for all ages.

You like to read “Die sture Raupe Rieke” yourself, you can order it at Ars Edition .


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