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Elegant autumn & winter table decoration

I love decorating our apartment matching to the seasons but I always have to remind myself to keep it on a minimum because all those lovely things also need to be stored somewhere while they are not needed. Often I see things and only keep them in the back of my mind but when I saw the idea of white colored pumpkins even my husband wasn´t able to stop me. Especially as you don´t need much for it and can be so nicely combined with some fresh flowers and already existing decoration pieces.

What you need

  • Small decoration pumpkins
  • White colored paint (I used white Edding permanent spray)
  • Candles
  • Fresh flowers

As the first days of fall still were pretty warm I took the chance to spray the pumpkins in white outsides. With he spray it went pretty quick and I could let them lay outside for a bit to dry completely. Then I draped them around some candles that we have standing outside on our balcony all year round and added some flowers. I chose the green hydrangeas and rose hips that I found at the local Dutch florist. In this case I chose for the colors white and green as they fit color wise to the whitened pumpkins and light green candles and the red for a  pop of color.

I love the color mix and the pumpkins fit perfectly for fall, Halloween and also winter time as the white color brings some snow feeling with it. The good thing about this decoration is the fact that you can leave the pumpkins on the table and simply replace the flowers from time to time to vary a bit.


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