Family vacation at Côte d’Azur

This year´s summer we decided to join some friends at their holiday house at the Côte d’Azur. The couple is about the same age as Jochen and me and their kids are only a bit older than C. So we thought it would be a very good match for our summer vacation. I have been a few times to France but more Paris area, so I was really looking forward to see an other part of this beautiful country.

Usually we love to go on holiday by plane as it goes mostly quicker and is less stress for us but this time we went by car and chose for a stops in between the long distances. As we loved our long weekend at Lago di Como a view weeks before my hubby did surprise me with a night at the Sheraton hotel and a king size bed. This way we arrived relaxed and happy at our friend´s house which with a beautiful view over the landscape. On top they even had a sand pit and swimming pool.

We spent the time after breakfast mostly with visiting different beaches, lakes or small villages in the area. After nap time we had lunch at the balcony and enjoyed some family time and rounded the day off with a swim in the pool. The hope that the kids would like each other and get along really worked out. The two daddies were going occasionally going for a round of golf what meant that in return they went out with the kids to see some playgrounds and having ice cream while we mommies had some me-time with shopping.

What we parents were looking forward the most was when the kids went to bed at 8pm and there was some piece and quiet coming up. We filled our glasses with some good French white wine or rose and started preparing salads while the men were heating up the BBQ grill.

After 10 days we left by car to Belgium with a stopover in Beaune, a beautiful French town. We stayed one night there and took the chance to go out for dinner to a 1 star restaurant for our 4 years wedding anniversary. The day after we made the last 600km to Jochen´s parents and rounded our holiday off with the wonderful wedding of Jochen´s best man in Belgium. We had a such a great time with dancing until 5am and luckily my parents in law were prepared to take Celina for the morning so that we were able to sleep until lunch time.

For us it won´t have been the last time that we went on holiday with an other family. It was the perfect mix between relaxing, good wine and family time. What about your summer holidays?


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