DIY: From old to new – kid´s chair

I love doing things with C that I already enjoyed myself as a child and I also like it when she can play with things that I had at that time. A few months ago I was with my parents and my mom suddenly mentioned that she still had a small chair standing around where we kids were sitting on many years ago. When she showed it to me I was really thrilled as I didn´t know it was still existing. The chair itself was still in a pretty good state but the cushion on top was a bit broken and honestly, the color of the fabric wasn´t the nicest so I saw my chance for a new DIY project.

DIY chair 9

Originally I was thinking about painting the chair white but I think it is a nicer memory to leave it in its state but the cushion had to change for sure. From some other projects I had still some liner lying around and funny enough still enough grey fabric. It is the same one I used already for C´s crib bumper. So this would be the perfect match to her nursery.

So I screwed the sitting bit off and decided to leave the cushion on top to that it is even more padded and it is easier to attach the new one. First I did cut the liner into the right size of width and added an extra bit at front and end so that I was able to fold it over in order to fix it with some  hand stitches and doesn´t come off.

Next step I cut the grey fabric on all sides about 5-6 cm bigger than the original size of the cushion. With my sewing machine I hemmed all 4 sides and fixed it with some needles on the backside of the sitting part. Again I attached it by hand, taking care that there are no wrinkles on the top sitting part.

Last step was to screw it back on the chair and voila we have a brand new chair for C that matches the rest of her room and still you can see the memory when I still had it.


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