A summer holiday recap

Some holidays you don’t forget. I spent the entire August in Belgium and it was wonderful. Catching up with friends, enjoying the time with my family, eating typical Belgium food… A lot of people didn’t see little O yet so we got a lot of visitors (and presents).

Besides from having a good time with my baby, there were some more moments that made this summer so remarkable. My brother got married, the 60th birthday of my father in law and O’s baptism.
But what I will remember most, will be our one week family holiday in Ameland. It’s not so obvious to get our entire family together (I have three brothers and one sister) and when we manage it’s already a big achievement. Ameland is one of the Dutch Wadden island and has a beautiful nature with large sandy beaches. And that’s exactly what we did the entire week, spending most of the day at the beach. We were having such a great time doing nothing besides from enjoying each others company which includes teasing and playing cards.

Summer is not entirely over, but this was definitely the highlight of my summer!


enjoying the beach
Ameland’s lighthouse
wining and dining
cute Dutch houses
a beautiful sunset
O and me watching the sunset

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