My first thoughts about motherhood

In Antwerp, the city I come from, they have the tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day the 15th of August. So it’s perfect to talk about my first thoughts and impressions in being a mom.
It has now been two months since I gave birth and from the moment O was born my life changed completely. Not has it only been an emotional roller coaster, it has turned our entire life upside down. Recently a good friend of mine became a mother too and when I saw her baby, I became aware of how quick everything goes and that O is not so little anymore, even when there are only seven weeks apart. It was then, that I realized I have to start writing my thoughts down about my first weeks as a mother.

The moments I enjoy the most are our afternoon naps. It is just so nice to cuddle him and to both fall asleep afterwards. It is this little moment during the day we have totally to ourselves and it makes me forget everything. In these moments it’s only he and me and nothing else matter.

The thing I love the most is his smile. Since two weeks he can smile, sometimes followed by a little noise and it is just adorable! It’s unbelievable what a feeling it brings on me.

What bothers me the most is that after two months I still don’t fit in my not-pregnancy clothes and still have quite a tummy. Everyone tells me it’s normal and I don’t have to worry but still. I’m obsessed by asking friends and cousins with baby’s how long it took them. Apart from two they are all answering “it went quite quick”. But okay, instead of keeping my obsession a life, I’m keeping in my mind that it took me nine months to get the belly and now will take me another nine to get totally rid of it.

The thing that surprised me the most is how much I love him. For someone I have never met before, it was an incredible love I felt from the first moment I looked into his eyes. It’s an indescribable feeling this little human is given us, despite all the energy and time he costs me.

What I have learned is that it is important to take me-time. Actively. We have made up, my husband and I, that in the weekends he spends some time with O and I just enjoy my time. So when my two men are out for a walk for example, I do the things that I like. Polishing my nails, blogging… I just leave the dishes, the laundry and the mess for what it is. And believe me I had to learn taking this me-time because I found out that otherwise I stop functioning after a while. Let’s be honest, baby’s are demanding a lot. There was a time I had trouble falling a sleep but these days are over. We are working to find a rhythm in our daily routine so that I can avoid showering after 5pm. And I have to admit we are getting there. I’m breastfeeding now every three to four hours and during the night he is sleeping until 5am in one go.


14 thoughts on “My first thoughts about motherhood

  1. I can relate to all of these! I remember back to having my first child, and our afternoon naps where my favorite thing! Because I was tired, but also because it was so peaceful.

    And don’t stress about not fitting back in to your old clothes. It took me a goof 4 months before I could even fit my legs in my jeans again… let alone button them up. It will happen eventually!


  2. I like this post! I totally relate. It is so crazy how much love we have for our babies- I was also surprised at this new, deeper feeling I’d never experienced before. And, I agree with Mommy Little above – don’t worry about the whole tummy thing! You’ll be back in no time AND just think of it as a reminder that you were your babe’s home for 9 months 🙂


  3. Enjoyed your thoughts on this post but I do want to put your mind at ease, it is TOTALLY normal for you to still have “baby weight” or loose skin or a jiggly tummy or whatever the problem is. For my last two babies it has taken me about a year to get my weight back down.

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  4. Oh yeah! I had to learn about the me time too. I was so hard to pull away and not feel like those times were best spent cleaning up or doing the dishes. You’re so right, it’s better for me mentally to just take that time to breathe, relax, and to something for me!

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  5. Isn’t it just amazing how quickly and drastically life can change from one tiny little person? I love that you’re writing this stuff down and keeping memories. And also, don’t be bothered by the weight, 2 months is nothing! You will get there!

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  6. It is amazing that it doesn’t take long before you wonder what you did before you had them in your life! It is such an amazing journey! It is also so important that you have you time too. We often forget that we are more than just a mum especially as they get bigger. Just when you think you can’t love them anymore new waves keep coming and coming!! Enjoy the ride!

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  7. Hey girls!
    I read all these comments a weeks later after I posted this article and it feels so great to have such nice responses and support from you moms out there. It’s overwhelming!


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