The decoration pieces I love at my place

My husband and I have kind of a different taste when we are talking about interiors. He is more into a minimalistic look and I have a weakness for a rustic country style. I think it’s quite obvious and I don’t have to explain to you that these two styles aren’t really a match made in heaven. So when we moved in together it was kind of a challenge to get our apartment decorated. After going through a lot of magazines, Pinterest and discussions, I must admit that we managed it quite well. We are using a lot of wood and bright colors. Our apartment is build in the late 19 century which is helping to satisfy my rustic need. And of course it are the details who make the difference.

Here are three examples (dust catchers) with whom I persist my rustic country style.


I bought this golden swan at H&M home. It looks very kitschy and deserves somehow a place in the museum for bad art. And that’s exactly why I like it so much. It’s standing in our hale way, directly when you enter our home. The swan has an empty belly so it’s perfect to drop of keys and other little things. So he is not just only standing there being handsome, he also has a practical use.


The ventilator is a real dust catcher. Living in Germany makes it totally useless to have an old-fashioned-air-conditioning item like this. But it’s just so pretty! It looks like a flee market catch with the old details only I bought it new. I put it next to our minibar and with the bottles and glasses, it makes you wanna drink an Old Fashioned whole day long.


These letters we found in a little store in South Africa during our honeymoon and is my favorite piece at home. It are the first letters of our names and it was a perfect souvenir to take home with us as newly weds. Everybody who visits us notice it directly and we always receive so many good comments on it. Now I only have to start looking for an O.

What are your favorite dust catchers at home?

5 thoughts on “The decoration pieces I love at my place

  1. So fun! I love the vases and monogram letters! They’re a perfect way to personalize and you can mix and match them with other statement pieces in the house. I love different size and colored frames with inspirational quotes around the house. Keeps me motivated! lol love this post!


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