Great ways to capture photo memories

Me and my husband love taking photos with our i Phones and cameras and our hard disc is more than full with thousands of pictures. The first photos that I wanted to see in real and not only to on the computer were our wedding shots and we were lucky that at that time our photographers made us a beautiful photo album that we still love to look at 4 years later.

The next big moment was my baby belly followed by the birth of our sweet daughter last year. Of course we also used the chance to keep those and more great moments up to her first birthday captured by photographers. Also during the year we took so many shots of our girl but I was a bit unhappy that we only had them on our hard discs but not in real to really sit down and look through those memories. So for a long time I was talking that we should finally get our act together and create some photo albums and we finally did.

Photo books are a perfect way to honor all the great moments in life and be able to enjoy them again and again. After some other try outs (see photos above) I found a really great site to create personal albums: CeWe Fotoservice. You can find books in many different sizes and paper versions: Panorama size, XL or small for any occasion and needs is something available. I love giving photo books away for birthdays and Christmas, the best gift for grandparents.

Other than that you can also order many more things with photos of your beloved ones: Phone cases, pillows, cups, calendars, retro prints, table sets, cards, gift stickers and so much more. Everything in high quality and for a good price but see yourself here. So definitely worth a try.

What is your favorite way to honor your beloved ones image wise apart from having them captured on your camera?

-photo credits CeWe Fotoservice, My Cutie Pie-


8 thoughts on “Great ways to capture photo memories

  1. Great ideas! I treasure my photos…from engagement photos up to the latest photos of our daughter’s 1 year old pics. Photos have always been my go-to gifts so I’m always looking for new ways to gift them 🙂


  2. I love these ideas! My photos are so important to me. I am always printing photos and creating little albums. Photos are the perfect gift for family, too. We do lots of photo gifts for grandparents, etc…


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