Series guest post: SAGITTAmed

Pauline and I love to follow other blogs and read about their ideas, recipes and family life. So we thought it would be nice to have guest bloggers writing for us on a regular basis. About once a month you will now have the possibility to find out about new blogs and all the things we love to read and write about.

The first mom in our series is Sabine from SAGITTAmed. She has twin girls that she refuses to dress in matching outfits. Working in the health business it isn’t surprising that she recommends nothing but water for a child’s skin. And if there is one thing she would have loved to have known more about before giving birth to her girls – it would have been about breastfeeding.

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Tell me 5 facts about you:
1. I have a thing called Gilbert Meulengracht syndrome which makes my eyes go yellow at times.
2. When I am sick in bed I always watch the Romy Schneider film Sissi (only the first part – the happy one) – it never fails to cheer me up.
3. We do not have a TV in our house.
4. I love to sleep, I need a lot of it and under 8 hours I am not really a happy bunny.
5. I was scared of dogs before I got my own dog, so she was basically my therapy.

What is the SAGITTAmed all about and why are you doing it?
SAGITTAmed is a health, medical and lifestyle destination that delivers tips, inspiration and products to (hopefully) make a positive impact in your life. That’s it put in one sentence but it’s really all about prevention, we just feel a lot of health issues could be prevented. I guess Sagitta is for everyone who believes prevention is better than cure. I felt we could really make a difference by making health a fun and positive topic, most health websites are about either sport, fitness and nutrition, or the other extreme about topics like cancer or heart-disease. Although they are all important issues but when you are young (or at any age really) you don’t want to read about sad news and possible diseases on a daily basis. We wanted to target health and well-being from a completely different angle – the happy, fun and preventative angle and give tips and expert advice without scaring people. But rather give suggestions on how to avoid getting ill in the first place and how to deal with more common issues that happen to all of us from time to time.

What are you glad you didn’t know about before having kids?
How much hard work it is.
I am actually glad I did not know so much about birth in a sense that I had to go with the flow – birth stories are great but every birth is different – it’s important to have a great team around you who you fully trust, so you can just go for it without fear – I think birth is a beautiful thing if you let it happen and have trust in your team and in yourself.

That twins often come premature… ours were full term – and I still count my blessings every day that they stayed put that long. Now I know more of what parents and children have to go through when they do come too early, and I am so grateful that I had no idea and never personally had to find out. I still always tear up hearing stories from other parents who had a difficult start into parenthood – there will be a lot more on this topic on SAGITTAmed, it’s something that’s close to my heart ( and I know yours as well Doris ) and I think neonatal units are important and we are lucky to have them but more should be done – in research- help for parents etc – that babies to not come early in the first place.

What are your favorite clothing shops for children?
Online I love Mini Rodini, Tiny cottons, Bobo choses… I often order via Scout&Co kids they always have a great selection. In Munich I like to go to COS and Muji for basics and when I really want to splash out (hardly ever happens sadly) I check out Stella McCartney kids.

What is the one tip you would love to give to others?
One tip… any tip… BE HAPPY… I think happiness is so powerful for health, mental health, relationships, parenting… if you choose to be happy with what you have and not worry about what you don’t have, you have a more fulfilled life. I am always so in awe of people who choose to be happy despite all the hardships life throws at them. They are strong enough to choose happiness above all. I like this motivational quote, which I have as a little reminder:


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photo credits: Pinterest

Since when, how often and what products do you use to brush your girl´s teeth? What tricks do you have to make them brush their teeth?
It’s funny as I had just written something down for a possible Sagitta blog post… so here it is.

Being pregnant with twins is even more work for the skin of your belly than expecting one baby. What care products would your recommend for a growing belly?
I did use a lot of oil – masses of oil really – every day in the morning and evening ( I still got stretch marks btw but luckily not too bad)… the oil is one thing but the massage is the other. Massaging actually keeps the skin elastic. I used different oils from pure Rosehip oil to ones I had been given by friends and family who had used them before and liked. The choice is huge but as I say the massage is a big part of it – just choose any organic oil with no nasties. I do love the Stadelmann/Bahnhofsapotheke series I could litterley recommend any product from that range.

City or Countryside with kids?
I still love the city, after over 10 years in London I still really miss it – the buzz, the people, galleries and great events. With children however that feels like someone is constantly dangling a carrot and often you can not got to any of these things. I am happy if I make it out the house at all by myself nowadays and it’s usually only for work or a doctors appointment. Now we are in the countryside with a garden, woods close by and a dog I am super happy here, also happy for my children – as growing up in nature is so special and after all nature itself is still the best teacher. So I guess city without kids – countryside with kids.

So if you want to find out more about Sabine go to her website or visit her on Instagram @sagittamed.

photo credits: Tobias Weber, Pinterest-

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  1. It’s always so fun and interesting to hear other mom’s thoughts on parenting and life. I love the happiness tip and quote…such a great reminder!


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