The weekend he proposed to me

July, the 31st, will always remain an important weekend to me and my husband. It was the day in 2011 when he finally asked me to become his wife. He simply made it perfect and even better than I had ever imagined, so I thought I share my story with you.

As we just had signed the contract to buy our first own apartment we thought it would be nice to do a smaller holiday that year and stay in Germany or Austria in summer. After some research we found the wellness hotel “Mohr-Life-Resort” in Lermoos, close to Garmisch Partenkirchen, a village really close to the mountains and decided to spend a weekend there. I was so looking forward to this weekend and even though there was so much rain the days before we had pure sunshine the whole weekend itself.

Lermoos 5 low res

After getting up on Saturday morning we got ourselves ready and went out for a nice trip through the mountains with my hubby´s young timer. We did several stops at beautiful places to enjoy the calm and beauty of this area and after half a day we finally ended up at a tiny little lake not far from our hotel. What I found out later was that it actually belongs to the hotel we were staying at. After sitting down Jochen pretended to have forgotten something in the car and I could stay here as he will be back in 2 minutes. A few minutes later when I turned around I saw him arriving with a picnic basket and not realizing at all what was about to come. I asked him about the basket and his answer was: “I saw the hotel providing them so I thought I could take one along for us”. And as my hubby can be romantic I wasn´t suspicious or hesitating at all.

So we started preparing our food on the blanket when I suddenly saw a black little box in his hands and while I was wondering if this could possibly be “the” Tiffany & Co. engagement ring box he was already down on his knees. As you can imagine, I said yes and we cheered with a glass of champagne. He really did a good job with organizing everything beforehand and calling the hotel to prepare it all. The best thing: I didn´t see it coming at all!

What I really love is also the fact having a meaningful place close by to which we can go back randomly and spend time together. So after having a child we thought it is time to come back to this beautiful place after 5 years – apart from some renovation works nothing has changed. It still is and stays an amazing place to spend some time together.

Lermoos 2 low res

The great thing about this hotel is the fact that from every room, the sauna and while every wellness treatment you have an amazing few on the landscape and mountains. All in all it does feel so special. If you ever have the chance to come, don´t miss out on visiting the hotel and have a drink at their bar. My hubby definitely couldn´t have chosen a better place to propose to me. He really did a good job! Best man ever…

-photocredits: Jochen Paesen 

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