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Birthday Presents

One of the things I always have difficulties with, is picking a birthday present. Probably it has something to do with the fact that I’m a doubting person. I can’t help it, but it always crosses my mind if somebody would like my gift or not. Maybe they think it’s stupid, they can’t use it, they already have something similar…
As they say learning by doing, I gathered some ideas over the year.
There is of course a difference between choosing a present for a good friend or for your father in law, but here is a list with suggestions that works pretty well to me.

1. Phone cover
Since everybody is having a smartphone nowadays and these phones do look all the same, I’m a big fan of personalizing your IT tools. Personally, I’m a big fan of Caseapp. They have a lot of different phone and tablet covers to offer. The designs are fancy and the covers are from a high quality. What I discovered through them are “skins” for tablets and laptops. It functions like a sticker so it doesn’t look so thick like a cover and still protects your devices against scratches.
The best part is that you can totally personalize the covers and skins with your own designs or photo’s.
Useless to say it’s my number one present to give.

Bag: LV/ Sunglasses: Massimo Dutti/ iPhone cover: Caseapp/ Lipstick: Clinique chubby stick
iPad and iPhone cover: Caseapp/ Plate:Ikea

2. Scented candle
Nothing brings more atmosphere in a room than a candle. When that candle is filling the room with a very pleasant smell, it doubles the mood.


3. Bathing and beauty products
I have to admit that beauty products are very personal, so this one is a little tricky. If you know what product that friend of yours adores, it’s a direct hit. Otherwise, bathing products to create your own little spa are more than a good alternative.


4. Scarfs
A scarf can finish an outfit. Worn around your neck or around your handbag, it’s giving very often that extra touch you need.

Left scarf: Mango/ Middle and right scarf: Massimo Dutti

5. Bag charm and keychains
Talking about that finishing touch, a bag charm or a keychain is another example. Nowadays you find such cool ones. Fendi brought the bag charm in fashion a few seasons a go. And luckily for those with a smaller budget (such as myself) you can find some less expensive alternatives.

Bag:Marc Jacobs/ Bag charm: Essentiel/ Shoes: Zara

6. Books
I’m talking about any kind of book here. Although I noticed I intended to give more often cooking books and travel guides about a place he or she plans to visit.


P.S.: we are lucky to give our readers a gift as well. If you use the code MYCUTIEPIE20 at, you receive 20% discount until the 5th of August . We hope you like it!


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