Picking strawberries – a childhood memory

Meeting gorgeous Inken from Around about Munich some weeks ago at an blogger event made me follow her blog and I was honestly thrilled when I saw the article about strawberry picking within and around Munich. I straight away phoned my husband and we fixed a weekend when we wanted to go with C.

Strawberry picking is a great memory from my childhood. I still remember going there in the summer time with my mom and every now and then I am thinking back at that time and see my mom picking strawberries for some marmalade or cake. Of course we children simply were eating the fruits from hand into mouth. That was so much fun running on straw through the rows of strawberry plants.

So out of the list from Inken we chose the farm Storz Erdbeerkulturen in Munich-Obersendling as it was the closest by to our place, only 5km away. The days before it was such a great weather but on Saturday afternoon it seemed to turn around and thunderstorms were about to come. Of course I was afraid that our event that I was so looking forward to would go down the drain but we were really lucky, the sun stayed out all afternoon. C was unstoppable and loved picking the red fruits to eat them and of course we parents did the same. C was so excited that she ate half of the strawberries with the green small leaves but I guess there are worse things. I loved to see her smile while walking down between the rows of plants with a huge smile on her face. After half an hour we had a full basket and we were happily leaving. If you want to know where else in and around Munich area you can go, go and see the link here.

-photo credits Jochen Paesen


16 thoughts on “Picking strawberries – a childhood memory

  1. Aww this is such an adorable way to bond with family. The pictures were so genuine and heart-warming. πŸ’œπŸ˜Š


  2. I loved picking fruit as a child and I love sharing that experience now with my own kids! Such sweet memories!


  3. I love that you can do this in Germany. I grew up in a very rural area and have been going to the same small pick your own farm since I was a baby. It was always my thing with my dad. I now take my daughter and I love sharing it with both of them. In fact, we went blueberry picking today and she helped us. It was wonderful. I’m glad you can pass on your childhood traditions as well to your little one!


  4. I was really looking forward to strawberry season this year! It was so much fun to make strawberry jam like my grandma did. I love your picking pics, looks like you had a lot of fun!


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