Perfect nursery wall decoration

I still remember when it was about time to create the nursery room for my baby girl. I knew straight away that it had to be something with the colors grey and pink in it with the main color white. Grey because it is one of my favorite colors and pink because we were expecting a girl. After looking around on Pinterest and google I totally fell in love with the pompoms that seem to be quite popular in America.

The bed we got borrowed from friends of ours so we were building all the nursery around it. The grey curtains to darken the room and the pompoms we found at Ikea (they are available in different sizes, colors and shapes). One of the walls I wanted to have painted in grey but before that I wanted to get the crib bumper to see then afterwards for the matching wall paint. Through a friend I got the tip about the online shop of Sugarapple and there I found the perfect grey bumper and I got some matching fabric on top with it to finish the bed off with the same fabric so that you cannot see what is underneath (actually nothing but I think it looks nicer that way).

For a while I had a dream catcher and pennants hanging at the wall but after a while I wanted some change. So I was looking for an other wall decoration or a poster that would match the room. We kept an eye on and I was surprised how much choice they are offering on their website. Food, flowers, animals, nature,… just to mention a few of their categories. I was looking for a cute animal poster but something that fits into a toddler´s nursery. Finally I fell in love with this cute arctic fox which´s colors fitted exactly to C´s room.

Poster P collage

Pauline went for the cute animal alphabet which integrates perfectly to baby boy O´s nursery. It goes so well with the teddy bears and wooden animals he has in his room. Especially once the kids are a bit older they are able to learn the first letters of the alphabet in a playful way. I have to say they just look perfect with the kid´s rooms or what do you think?

They great thing about is the fact that you can choose from different materials (paper poster, acrylic glass, canvas,…) and also different sizes. That way your photo integrates perfectly into your home and helps to make it look even more stylish. Make sure to check out their website. The best thing is that until Sunday, 17th of July, you have the chance to win a poster together with a set of other great things. Simply go to Instagram and check out our latest post about the giveaway. The link to our Instagram account you can find at the sidebar.



12 thoughts on “Perfect nursery wall decoration

  1. What a cute nursery! I love how you kept it simple and clean. It looks great and it makes it easier to change up the room as the baby grows and wants add her own decorations!


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