Sustainable nursery with “Meine Spielzeugkiste”

Every mom will know the problem about the toys: What to get, when to get and how long are children actually interested in them if they actually like them. I still remember questioning myself as well what is the right toy to spend my money on. We bought quite some toys but always with guessing ourselves around. While thinking about what would be the next things that could help her in her learning processes I stumbled over Meine Spielzeugkiste (German for: My Toy Box).

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Advantages of this concept
What I do like about this concept is the fact that technically you don´t have to buy new toys anymore. You simply order them and when the children are not interested anymore you simply change them into others. That way it is also helpful that the kid´s rooms are not overfilled anymore with stuff they are not using anymore.

One other great thing is the fact that you can swap the toys at any time. Means if your toddler doesn´t like them anymore or maybe at all simply get new ones.

After all you mustn´t forget the sustainability behind this concept. You will never have any toys lying around that are not getting used or even have to through them away. You order the toys what the children are interested in suitable to their age and give them back afterwards.

In my eyes children have mostly too much stuff anyway they cannot use every single toy so why not hiring them for a certain amount of time? I am sure that I will order in future time more often at “Meine Spielzeugkiste”. That way I can give C the chance to try out new things and if I have the impression she really loves a certain thing I still can buy it for her (even from “Meine Spielzeugkiste” directly). As C loves the wooden butterfly we are really thinking about getting it for her.

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Testing “Meine Spielzeugkiste”
I was totally convinced about their concept of hiring toys in an subscription model. You pay per month depending on the subscription model you have chosen and you can swap toys as often as you want to. So I was more than happy to take on their offer to test their concept for 2 months.

So I went online with the code they gave me and ordered 3 toys: a wooden butterfly on a walking stick, some sound eggs and a marble run with cars. I placed the order on Thursday and Saturday the package had already arrived. So that was really quick. All the things arrived properly cleaned and packed in foil.

C was really excited while opening the package and wanted to try those toys straight away. I mainly chose exactly those because she loves using them at Zuckertag but I never dare to buy them as I am not sure if the excitement is still there once she has them at home. After 1 month we will swap the toys and also try the exchange process. But I am pretty sure it will all go smoothly.

Spielzuegkiste 10

Test 1 month or free with the code:    mycutiepie
If you also want to try “Meine Spielzeugkiste” give it a go. With using the voucher code: mycutiepie you can test the concept 1 month for free (from the second on you have to pay regularly).

Let us know about your experience. We are more than happy to hear about…


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