DIY pennant chain cake topper

MIffy 13 low res

It has been a while since the last DIY tutorial so it is about time again to show you a new one. When I posted the tutorial of the Miffy fondant cake (here) there was a little pennant chain on top and today I want to show you how to do it. Apart from scissors you only need three more things:

  • masking tape (I took 3 different ones with a width about 1,5cm each)
  • matching bakery twine
  • wooden sticks

Wimpelkette 004 low resCut in total six pieces with a length of 6cm off of the different masking tapes and place them upright with a space of 5mm in between and the sticky side facing upright. Now you have to cut off about 25 cm from the bakery twine and put it horizontal on the pieces of tape so that they run through the middle of the tapes. Next step is to fold each piece of masking tape over and cut it into the shape you want. From rectangular over triangle to the typical banner shape everything is possible. Last but not least tie the pennant chain to the wooden sticks and cut off the ends from the yarn with a leftover of one centimeter on each side.

Wimpel to do 3 low res

You can vary the length depending on the size of your cake – therefore simply increase or decrease the number of pennants and length of bakery twine. I hope you all enjoy doing this beautiful cake topper.


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