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Blogger-Cookies-Workshop with MeinKeksDesign

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Our blog My Cutie Pie is still pretty young but Pauline and I really love writing for our “baby”. Actually we are really proud that even though we are writing for about 2 months only, people are already asking us for collaborations and invite us for blogger events. One event that I was really looking forward to was the Blogger-Cookies-Workshop from Mein Keks Design last Sunday.

As I love baking cakes, cupcakes, popcakes and cookies I was really happy to see the invitation from Stephanie and for me it was immediately clear that I had to attend. I made some cookies as wedding and baby shower presents before which was about 3 years ago. The theme of this workshop was “animal baking pleasure” and I fell straight away in love with those sweet little animal cookies that I saw on the invitation – they looked far too cute to be eaten. Stephanie wrote that I do not have to bring anything apart from my joy for decoration and  baking and this is what I did.

Stephanie was really lovely and I liked her straight away when entering her studio in Munich. She prepared everything so lovely with great decoration and from champagne to snacks everything you could think of was there. First she explained the idea behind the baking box we were using that day. So actually everything you need (apart from the dough ingredients) is in there: In this set it is included a cookie cutter, pastry roller, paint brush and fondant. On top you receive a card with your entry details to your Mein Keks Design account where you can find all the info you still need including a video where Stephanie is explaining every single little step.

The different themed cookie baking boxes are only one part of Stephanie’s offers. Besides this she is also doing baking courses at which you can, for example, participate as well with a bachelorette party or as an activity for your children´s birthday party. For more information visit her website

I really couldn´t wait to start decorating the biscuits and I enjoyed doing the farm animals and chatting to the other mom bloggers that have been invited. It was so great to meet finally the faces behind other Munich blogs like Rock My Day, Alles in Klein, Mama im Spagat, In My Life Blog and Around About Munich. What do you think? In my opinion the cookies turned out quite well.

Stephanie even offered us the possibility to bring our children if we wanted to. A friend of hers took care of them and baked biscuits with them while the moms were decorating the other cookies that were already prepared before hand.

Unfortunately Pauline was not able to join me as she gave birth to her baby boy only 1,5 weeks before that event. Nevertheless it really was a super fun afternoon and I am looking forward to the next event coming up.


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