Catch of the month – June

It is already time again for our “Catch of the month”.

Cotm June

Last time in May we had some really great clothes for girls in a blue and white theme. This time I was looking for boy´s stuff as I wanted to see what I could possibly put into my little one´s wardrobe. So I went over to H&M and had a look for something more dressed like for weddings, barbecues and other summer occasions, but I also wanted to have a comfy, sporty and at the same time still modern style. I like little children wearing cool styles, but still it is most important that they are comfortable so they can move around as they want to.

We are going to have our boy´s baptism in August and in addition are invited to some weddings. I totally fell in love with those Chinos (for € 17,99) with the cute “closed eyes”- pattern. Matching with it goes this awesome white shirt for € 14,99. With this combination the little boys look dressed up but it does not look like trying to appear like an adult.

For the more comfy and sporty style I totally cheer for this Batman pullover. Isn´t is super cute?! Even though the jumper looks heavy it is actually pretty light and perfect for colder summer days or in the evenings. The slim jeans in grey goes perfectly with it – they are stretchy enough to be able to crawl around. It is a really great style for modern little boys. You can get the pullover for € 14,99 and the pair of jeans for € 17,99.

Go online at and catch the pieces before they are gone!

What is your catch of the month? Let us know…

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