What´s in my handbag


whats in my bag 01 low resBecoming a mum and a blog writer changed my life completely and so did my handbag or better said, what is inside. They say women carry their whole life around in their bag and it is kind of true. What I know for sure is that it got a lot heavier since C is in my life. Today I want to give you a sneak peak what else apart from my wallet and house keys I am carrying around 24/7.

whats in my bag 04 low res

The grey Tory Burch handbag I bought 3 years ago in New York and it still is one of my favorite bags. What I really like is that it has an adjustable strap so that I can carry it on my shoulder, as a cross body or hang it on the stroller. My iPhone 6s has to be with me all the time to be prepared to take a photo wherever an opportunity pops up and of course to check Instagram and Facebook. Of course the Moleskine note-book and a pen may not be missed because I want to be able to note down ideas and stuff for the blog as soon they come up in my mind not to forget about them.

whats in my bag 02 low res 2I love wearing my hair open but with children it can get annoying to have them hanging around the face. For that case I have my spiral hair ties with me to be able to tie my hair up when I feel like. As my skin is very sensitive and is getting dry very quickly, I  always have a hand cream and a lip balm with me. The mini version of my favorite perfume ´Miss Dior` I simply need to freshen myself up and feel comfortable. The rosary does have a special meaning to me as my mom got it from a nun while she was in hospital when I was born. She passed it on to me when I was lying in hospital for almost 5 weeks because C almost became a premature birth in week 24.

whats in my bag 07 low res 2Of course I do not only carry things for me around. C´s part in my handbag is getting bigger and bigger. Some fruit bars for her are a real must as she wants something to eat straight away when she is hungry and that way I am more flexible when I am out for a walk with her. My girl´s hair is growing like crazy at the moment and as we are constantly loosing her hair clips and ties because C is pulling them out, I always need to bring some in reserve to avoid her hair hanging in the face while playing. And last but not least some tissues to keep C´s face and hands clean when she is eating or playing in the dirt. The Hello Kitty ones are so super cute so I had to take them along.

So ladies, it is your turn. What is in your handbag? I am curious to find out…


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