Every mom should have a Zuckertag

Zuckertag 16 low res

When C was a newborn and the first few months she was a baby that cried a lot during day time. The reason why it was like this you can read up an other time. During one of my long walks with C tied around me through our neighborhood I passed by Zuckertag several times. First I thought it would be some kind of crèche and didn´t pay too much of attention to it.

A few weeks later another mom told me that Zuckertag is way more than that: You can attend courses with and without baby, there is a café inside, an outdoor playground, different playing rooms for children up to an age of 6 years and even a baby and toddler day care for a few hours a day. After hearing about that I had to get more information.

Zuckertag 2 low res 2So I went in and they told me about the different options of membership they are offering, how much it costs and what is included. (More details you can find on I didn´t hesitate and took the full membership (I was even lucky to catch a summer deal) and used the facilities nearly on a daily basis. This package included the baby care from Tuesdays to Fridays 9am-12am – you simply have to leave a bottle with milk or/and food there and they would call you in case the baby cries. Thanks to this, I used the time in the beginning mostly to do e.g. Yoga classes without baby, but after some weeks I partly did enjoy the fact that I was able to go home in the meanwhile and do some household as C didn´t leave me much space to do that. The good think was that I live only 10 minutes by foot away from Zuckertag. Other than that we joined almost every play group in the afternoons as I also enjoyed meeting other moms. Some of those I met there are now very close friends of mine and we meet up regularly.

Some might think now “Wow, what a bad mom is she, leaving her baby with strangers” – but thinking back it kind of saved my life as a mom. C was such hard work the first months to the point where I felt stressed out and didn´t know what to do anymore to make her happy. I felt like a bad mom but Zuckertag helped me to get a little bit time back for myself and this way I was much more relaxed regarding C when she had a really moody day again. In my view, a facility like this is so so helpful especially when you have no grandparents close by that can support you.

C really enjoyed it there and especially being with the other babies. She always needed the company of other children and still does. When C turned one year old I started bringing her to the creche included at Zuckertag. The big advantage was that she knew the people working there already and also most of the rooms so she settled in pretty quick and smooth.

Zuckertag 15 low resApart from the things I mentioned already you have different offers like a children hairdresser coming, babysit evenings, photo shoots for different events like Christmas, Father´s and Mother´s day, and so on. The different rooms which are a bit like an indoor playground are open almost all year apart from a few periods like Christmas. However, you need to consider that you can only use the facilities when having subscribed as a member of any kind. It is not required to book a monthly membership you can also buy a book of ten tickets. On warm days you can also use the outdoor part with sandpit in the inner court which is all closed off so that no child had the possibility to run away.

I wouldn´t want to be without Zuckertag anymore, because also apart from the crèche we are still visiting it quite often. Especially if there is a period of bad weather again then we just go there, have a piece of cake or order our lunch out of the changing menu there and C enjoys the slide, the doll buggy, the selection of books or simply the tons of toys she doesn’t have at home to play with. For warmer days you can find an outdoor area with sandpit, tricycles and more, which is all closed off so that no child could possibility run away. At the indoor café you can order cakes, delicious meals, drink a coffee or other drinks.

If you are living in Munich I do recommend to walk by, get to know Natalie with her great team and try the facilities. I am more than happy to live so close by and just go there as often as I want and can. With a second child I would do exactly the same.

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9 thoughts on “Every mom should have a Zuckertag

  1. Sounds great! When my two were younger, I joined a gym with a childcare room just so I could have an hour without a child in my arms. My son loved playing with new friends and toys, and I was able to focus on me (even if it was on a treadmill!) for a little bit.


  2. I don’t know if we have anything like this, but I do love the indoor play areas! I think they are genius for the hot days here in AZ. The drop off daycare would be amazing too, and no judgement here, every momma needs some me time!


    1. So true, indoor play areas are great for wet but also too hot weather. I enjoy going there. Thank you for you lovely comment Meredith!!


  3. I am going to google this right now – what an amazing idea! I remember days when I was a brand new mom and I would have done anything to be able to vacuum the house in peace or even take a shower. Sad, but it’s the truth. You are so lucky to have had a place like this in your neighborhood. Great post ❤︎


    1. Thank you Juliet for your comment!!! I am so grateful for this place close by. It made my life a lot easier… and still does.


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