Date night

Last weekend we spontaneously decided to have a date night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we normally plan our evenings weeks ahead.
But this time it was different. It hit us that in a few days it won’t be just the two of us anymore. Impulsively going out for dinner, having a spontaneous drink with friends…won’t be possible for us in the near future.
Not that it’s bad, you get something miraculous in return, it will be just different.

IMG_2462 copy (1)

So on Saturday evening I put on my nicest pregnancy dress and most comfortable, but still sexy, shoes to go in town.
In Munich you have this cosy little theater where they play movies in their original version, Museum Lichtspiele. We decided to watch the movie “Hail, Caesar!”, a comedy staring George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson. We had the full package: popcorn, soda and of course Ben & Jerry’s.
Afterwards we grabbed a bite at L’Osteria. An Italian restaurant around the corner, with a cozily atmosphere and good simple food which gives you a “feels like home” feeling.

In the end the movie didn’t really blow me away, the soda made me go to the bathroom twice and the granny’s next to me were a bit too much interacting with the actors on the screen.
But it was just all perfect. Being out, strolling through the streets, fine food, everything just very relaxed and unexpected. I’m pretty sure I will remember this lovely evening with my hubby once the baby has arrived.

IMG_3543 copy (1)
Museum Lichtspiele



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