Miffy fondant cake

Miffy Cake 01 low res

For Easter I made a fondant covered cake with the Miffy figure and a pennant chain on top. But this one suits not only for this event but also for birthdays, baby showers and any other occasion.

In order to do a motive cake you need a cake to cover. I am always using a cake with a rough diameter of 17cm and a height of 11cm. A recipe for my favorite basic cake you can find here.

As a first step the basic cake needs to be covered with buttercream. For this one I tried the FunCake buttercream mix (to order at and I have to admit it tastes really nice. I ordered a 500g pack and for this size of cake it is enough to use half of the mix with the butter you have to add. The exact description you will find on the packaging.

What you need:

  • 250g FunCake buttercream mix
  • 250ml water
  • 300 unsalted butter
  • 1kg fondant to cover the cake (here it is white)
  • different colored fondant for decoration (violet, pink, white, black)
  • a bit of powder sugar
  • eatable glue
  • some ribbon
  • round cookie cutter

Miffy Cake 2.1 low res

First use a straight edge pallet knife to cover the whole cake with the buttercream and try to make the surface as smooth as possible. Once your cake is well covered, put it in the fridge for a few hours or in winter time simply put it outside on the balcony – I mostly leave the cake there over night. Once the buttercream is hard, add small amounts of buttercream to straighten the surface as good as possible. The smoother the surface, the nicer the cake will look in the end because the fondant shows less bumps.

Miffy Cake 3 low res

Next step is to cover the cake with the white fondant. Roll it until you have a diameter of about 40-45cm (twice the height of 11cm plus the diameter 17cm). To avoid that the fondant is getting sticky put a slight bit of powder sugar on top and underneath while rolling it. Now, place the fondant on the cake and cover it without creating any wrinkles or cracks by stroking carefully over it with your hands. Cut the ends off and voila, the cake is covered.

Miffy Cake 8 low res

For the decoration you can do whatever you are in the mood for. I liked here the idea with the dots that I cut with a simple round cutter that I normally use for Christmas cookies. To apply those to the cake you need the eatable glue. To finish the cake put the ribbon around and form a bow. To me it looks the prettiest when you stay in the same color family as the fondant used.

The tutorial for the Miffy figure I will show you an other time. Enjoy the cake…

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