Catch of the month

In our series “the catch of the month” we want to show you what we found new in stores, this time for your little girls.


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With May having arrived you know that spring is finally there and you can spend more and more time outside. I am a totally fan of sun and summer and I really cannot wait for it to come. Whilst the weather was a bit of an up and down in April from almost snow over rain to sunny days I got myself already into summer preparations. We will spend our summer holiday in France, close to Nice, followed by a wedding from my husband´s best men in Belgium. So I went through the stores to see what´s in fashion this year and completely fell in love with the white and blue mix I stumbled over at Zara. Normally with blue and white theme you think straightaway of maritime stripes or blue jeans but it is not only about the sailor look. See what I found:



Those over cute shorts with the crochet embroidery is summery and is so different from the everyday seen hot pants. The white blouse with lace details that you can wear short and long sleeved is the perfect match for the shorts . Perfect for summer evenings where it might get a bit fresh outside. Each is 16,95.



A real must have for small girls is the dotted jumpsuit. It looks like jeans fabric but is really light, so perfect for warm days and for 14,95 a real bargain. The rope detail makes it even more special. As summer is also wedding season, why not wearing this cute A-line shaped dress with blue vertical stripes for such special events. The flounce at the shoulder makes it look perfect and this one is only 21,95.

If you don’t want to miss out on those fashion pieces, head over to before they are sold out.


The hangers I got from Zara Home. Available in different colors.


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