My top 6 gifts for newborns

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In about 6 weeks time Pauline is expecting her baby boy which means another opportunity to buy some gifts. In the past when one of my friends gave birth in most cases I simply got some cute clothes to wear without having a real clue which size the baby might need and if the things will fit at the time of the year as they should. Now that I am mom myself I realized that some presents in the past might not have been the best choice even though I am sure every mom was grateful for what I got them.

As I gained my own experience I now want to give you some ideas and inspiration for future gifts:

  Set of plate, cup and cutlery: A set like this is not getting used straight away but once it is, it is in usage all the time. And as I realized myself, it doesn´t even matter if you have two or even more sets.

  Voucher for drugstore or shop with baby clothes: I know that some people are not fond of vouchers and they think it is impersonal but I think differently. As a parent you will need diapers, baby toiletry and new clothes and you know the best on your own what you need and want. And what can be nicer than choosing yourself?

Wooden initial: We got a golden “C” made from wood from Pauline and we love that gift so much as it is so decorative.

  Newborn shoes: Those leather shoes are so cute and they are so practical once the babies start crawling and moving around. You can find them on Dawanda.

  Dummy chain: Personalized presents are always a good idea and it shows that you made some effort to find something special. Why not giving a soother chain with the name on it. We loved ours and it is in use day by day and also in that case we have more chains. We are always missing one of them. Dawanda, Ebay and instagram offers a big choice.

  Books: Babies start showing interest in books at an age of roundabout 12 months. Once they start exploring you cannot have enough of them. C totally loves the book where something is happening with sound or different surfaces.

I hope there is some kind of gift in the list that you like. What I pick for Pauline´s boy? Stay tuned.


The highchair is from Stokke TripTrap, the rabbit doll from Metoo and the the cloud pillow I did myself.



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